Ocala Tourism Bureau TDC Ocala Welcomes Visitors

The Marion County TDC, Tourism Development Center is the official county wide tourism organization. 

Visit the Real Marion County for the adventure of a lifetime.  If you are used to adventure and fun, come to The Real Marion County Florida. 

If you are knee deep in snow, waiting for Spring, ready for a cool dip of Summer, or planing a Fall adventure
Visit the Best Florida Visit Destination.  
Discover Marion County and you will thank your inner you.... 

Over night Bed Tax is one of the lowest in the nation.

We did not tax your stay in our fine hotels in order to bring you this message.

We know your visit will help keep our local economy strong and we will fight to keep taxes on your stay as low as possible.

A penny here and a penny their can add up when your having an adventure. 

Our Pick as Ocala Best up coming executives:: Dave Moore and Earl Arnett !
Marion County's new Commissioner.  Ocala is part of Marion County and New Commissioners David Moore and Earl Arnette are helping Ocala blend into Marion County.
Visitors to Marion County are encouraged to visit all cities for old world charm.  Ocala is central geography and home of the historic downtown square.
Don;t miss Ft King and other historic zones.  
Antiquing, visit the Antique Mall.
 Marion County Native American kickoff 2012 at county line and again at Chambers Farm.

Don't miss out on all the fun!
Ocala TDC forms to provide better service to the Tax Payers of Marion County Florida.  
Visit All of Marion County. Our Sports venues are world class.
 Ocala Golf Venues have a long tradition in the world of Golf.  If you have traveled to the Old Course, then you will appreciate Ocala Golfing venues.  Let Kandace Clatterbaugh, LPGA Professional show you Marion County's finest.
Golden Hills Golf and Country Club is known for Fine Southern Charm as a World Class Golf Venue.  Browning's List Gold Pick.
Visit Ocala Palms for Central Florida Golf Adventures.
 Governor Rick Scott Welcomed by Marion County Legislative Delegation at The Villages "State of Florida Jobs Budget Signing".

Tourist Giant Jimmy Leeward is remembered as the man who developed the Leeward Air Ranch

and many more Tourist Promotion projects.  Jimmy Leeward was remembered by Family and Friends at the Air Ranch Memorial. 

Don't miss the transition to the new vibrant Marion County.  Marion County Chamber of Commerce, your link to the future.

Ocala Golf can begin with a visit to fine pubs
Ocala Town Square is centered around pubs of distinction.

Marion County Delegation leaders Senator Alan Hays and Rep. Marlene O'Toole welcome Governor Scott into Marion County's own home turf at the Tri-County Villages signing venue for Governor Rick Scott.

Marion County is bringing tourist in because of the dramatic economic success of the Marion Tourist Committee program of Marion County Wide promotion.  The world is ready to hear about the opportunity in and around Marion County Florida declared Marion County Chamber of Commerce Director Don Browning. 

TDC Marion County Director helps Alabama visitors in their hour of need.  Our visitors are going to be on the receiving end of our good works said Lake Weir Kiwanis Leader George Albright Sr.

State Representative Charles Van Zant 
Florida House of Representatives, District 21 Marion County At the Home of
Doctors Riadh & Manal Fakhoury hold reception for Charles Van Zant

Before and After Golf, enjoy adventures all across Marion County.  We have Courses to rival Scotland's Open Venues.

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